Welcome back with a new www.you-yoga.net blog article on yoga facilities in Portugal. Today we are going to discover which yoga schools are in Braga, a renowned Portuguese city located in the far north of the country, almost on the border with Spain. Not far from Porto, the city of Braga is known for its religious events and heritage. Should you be in Braga for work or study purposes, continue reading this post and you will find a list of yoga schools in and around Braga.

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Below I will list the yoga schools in Braga offering you: name, address, city map to identify the most practical neighbourhood or area for your needs.


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Selection of yoga schools in Braga

Here you will find the selection, updated to August 2022, of yoga schools in Braga and surrounding areas. For any additional information on the services they offer, you can contact the activity mentioned below directly.

Scuole Yoga Braga - Mappa


  1. House of Yoga –R. Dr. João Antunes Guimarães 25 loja, 4710-381 Braga, Portugal
  2. Ashrama Braga – R. do Fujacal 80, 4705-097 Braga, Portugal
  3. Yoga Braga – Av. João XXI nº 667 RC, 4715-035 Braga, Portugal
  4. Gratitude – Arte do yoga – R. Dr. Francisco Machado Owen n.220 r/c, 4715-021 Braga, Portugal
  5. Centro Yoga Braga – R. dos Chãos 77 2º andar, 4715-230 Braga, Portugal
  6. Manta Yoga Braga – R. Q.ta da Goja 4700, 4700-150 Braga, Portugal
  7. CPYoga Braga – R. José António Cruz 104, 4715-343 Braga, Portugal
  8. Estudio Oh My Mind – EDIFICIO MURALHA, R. Marcelino Sá Pires 15 sala 25, 4700-924 Braga, Portugal
  9. Joana Rainha – R. Marcelino Sá Pires nº15 2º Andar, Sala 25, 4700-924 Braga, Portugal
  10. Boho Yoga Studio – Praceta Sebastião Alba 27, 4715-282 Braga, Portugal
  11. Espaco Yoguini – Largo Sra. A. Branca, 4710-439 Braga, Portugal



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