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My name is Chiara, I have been teaching yoga since 2014, I have a yoga school in Italy and Portugal. Follow me to find out how to live better with yoga.
I teach in the studio, online and organize workshops for students from all over the world.
Yoga that suit everyone
More than 10 years experience
Support and motivation

My training path started from the dance and the love for the body and movement that this discipline has taught me.

I approached yoga in 2007, starting to practice Hatha Yoga with the Jyotim method, which I still do. In 2017 I obtained my yoga teacher certification after a 4-year course at Yoga Kanda under the teaching of “the grand master teacher” Renato Turla.

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Start training with me

Online classes for all levels: groups and private zoom classes.
Improve your practice and live better

Live yoga classes via Zoom are the best way to fully immerse yourself in the yoga practice, without making the typical learning mistakes, as I will always be there with you.

My job will be to correct your mistakes, stimulate you during the classes and offer useful practical advice aimed at helping you progress as quickly as possible.

Live yoga classes via Zoom are aimed at people with or without experience who have the desire to try something new, as yoga is for everyone!

Anyone can begin to take their first steps in this fascinating and effective discipline with an experienced teacher who will provide the necessary support and guidance over time.

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Each live class will have a specific theme in order to broaden your general knowledge. We will have for example:

  • technical classes where we will look at each pose in detail;
  • dynamic classes where we will move more freely to the rhythm of our breath;
  • classes aimed at capturing other aspects of yoga practice such as breath, asana and relaxation.

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Online Classes

Join my Zoom Online Classes where we can practice yoga together.

Depending on who you are, what you do for living, and your time availability I can understand which is kind of yoga that suits better your needs.

I can be your teacher and your motivation to reach the results you have always dreamt.

My classes are best for increasing flexibility, improving muscle tone, working on core and breath. For beginners and advanced students.

Train wherever you want with me

If your goal is to really improve your practice and take a course focused on what you need most, you can choose to have a teacher just for you.

One-hour lessons where it’s you and the teacher, with no more doubts or uncertainties.

A one-hour lesson where you will be you, with no more doubts or uncertainties.

Practice yoga with other people who will be connected with you to share the same practice experience.

You will be supported by your teacher, who will correct your mistakes, and at the end of the class you will be able to compare notes with your fellow students.

Each class is streamed on Zoom, lasts 1 hour and takes place once a week.

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Beautiful and inspirational words from my students

Get in touch with me

Depending on your need I will try to develop the best path for your health and happiness

I would like to:

Tell us a little about your wellness goals. You can select more than one.

Select your plan:

Choose the most comfortable way to train.


Add some information so we can contact you.

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