Friends of You Yoga here we are with a new article dedicated to discovering the world of Yoga in Portugal. Today we are going to discover the main Yoga schools in Faro and surroundings. Faro is the capital of the magnificent tourist region of the Algarve, one of the pearls of Portugal. Here so many people, both Italian and foreign, have decided to move because of the magnificent climate, beautiful landscapes and excellent quality of life.

Our analysis will follow the same style used in the previous article dedicated to discovering Yoga schools in Porto, a city that represents Portugal’s industrial hub and also offers so much culturally and for that reason we recommend you visit.

Below I am going to list the yoga schools in Faro offering you: name, address, city map to identify the most practical neighborhood or area for your needs.


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Selection of Yoga Schools in Faro

Here you will find the selection updated to August 2022 of yoga schools present in and around Faro in the Algarve. For any additional information regarding the services they offer, you can contact the business subsequently mentioned directly.

  1. Algarve Yoga Spot – Location: R. 18 de Junho 94, 8700-162 Olhão
  2. WOLFS YOGA – Location: Quinta do Ponte Sitio dos Arneiros Caixa, postal 512, 8650-400 Vila do Bpo
  3. MEKA YOGA Retreats – Location: Yoga Villa Soalheiros, 8650-400 Vila do Bpo
  4. Yogalgarve– Location: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque 11A, 8000-151 Faro
  5. Ashtanga House Faro – Location: Estr. da Sra. da Saude 66, 8000-498 Faro
  6. Centro Yoga Telheiras – Location:Urbanização Horta do Ferragial, Lt. 9 – R/c Dto, 8000-273 Faro
  7. Centro de Yoga de Faro – Location: Rua Sport Faro e Benfica, 1A, R/ch Dt.º, 8000-544 Faro
  8. Raja Yoga Meditation – Location: R. Dr. Justino Cumano 22, 8000-151 Faro
  9. Sol Viegas Iyengar Yoga – Location: Urbanização Varandas do Lago 37, 8135-038 Almancil
  10. Gymnasium Faro – Location: Pontes de Marchil, Sítio Da Má Vontade Edificio Oasis loja D/A, 8005-518 Faro



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