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Welcome back with a new blog article from on yoga facilities in Portugal. Today we are going to find out what yoga schools are in Coimbra, a renowned Portuguese tourist city that was also the country’s capital in the past. Coimbra is characterised by a well-preserved medieval historical centre and, above all, by the historic University that every year welcomes thousands of Portuguese and foreign students participating in the Erasmus project. Therefore, should you be passing through Coimbra, we advise you to read on and find out which schools are present in the city.

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Below I will list the yoga schools in Coimbra offering you: name, address, city map to identify the most practical neighborhood or area for your needs.


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Selection of yoga schools in Coimbra

Here you will find an up-to-date selection of yoga schools in and around Coimbra. For any additional information on the services they offer, you can contact the activity mentioned below directly.

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  1. Ashrama Yoga Coimbra – Av. Elísio de Moura 357, 3030-183 Coimbra
  2. Chintàmi – Centro do Yoga de Coimbra – Calçada Gato 76 R/C, Esquerdo, 3000-199 Coimbra
  3. Yoga Sàmkhya Coimbra – Rua Venâncio Rodrigues nº4, 3000-409 Coimbra
  4. Ayurveda Yoga Método BmQ – Lara Lima – AM, R. Teodoro nr, 3030-213 Coimbra
  5. Babes e Sorrisos – R. Augusto Marques Bom 3, 3030-218 Coimbra
  6. Ines Morais Martins
  7. Projec Taboada



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